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UNIT 8: In The Office

Book 2 – Unit 8



report, promoted, director,
regional, boss, so

it slipped my mind

Pronouns......Object pronouns

In the Office



Denis: Sue the boss needs the report for last month. Can you send it to him?
Sue: Sure. Is his e-mail address the same?
Denis: It slipped my mind, the old boss was promoted yesterday. Now he's a regional director.
Sue: So, would you like me to send it to him anyway?
Denis: Could you send it to all of them? But give it to me first to check.
Sue: Who's the new boss? I hope he likes us!
Denis: Me too!

Ex. 1- Answer with True or False.

1. The boss needs last month's report.  
2. The old boss wasn't promoted. 
3. Denis wants the report sent to one director. 
4. Sue thinks the new boss doesn't like her. 

Ex. 2 - Answer these questions.

1. What slipped Denis' mind?

2. Why does Denis want to check the report?

3. Who's the new boss?

4. What happened to the old boss?

Ex. 3 - Complete these statements with words from the box:

me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them

1. Please give   the report because I want to check it.

2. Tell  to finish the report. They are too slow.

3. Ask  about the figures if you have questions. They are working late.

4. I think they don't like  . We weren't invited to the party.

5. He loves  . He sent you flowers.

6. She loves  , so why not marry her?

7. You opened  and ate all the chocolates.

8. I met Carla and gave  some sweets.

9. Roberto was sick, so I took  to the doctor.

10. Hey, Vanessa, can you make  a coffee?

Ex. 4 - Change the nouns into object pronouns.

1. Give (João and Maria)  the money.

2. Can you cook (the steak)  more?

3. I left my bag on the chair. Did you see  ?

4. We weren't invited to the party. I don't think they like .

5. Paulo is my best friend. I gave  my bicycle.

6. Carla is my sister. I like swimming with .

7. "I told  to do your homework", the teacher said.

8. "Did I give  homework for today?", the teacher asked the class.

9. "Do you want to fight  ?", Malfoy asked Harry.

10. "Give  the book", Harry said.

Ex. 5 - Unscramble.

1. great/CD/ but/ money/ have/ don't/ I/ it/ buy/ that's/ a/ to.

2. way/ us/ please/ show/ the/ Varvito/ to.

3. money/ her/ the/ give.

4. with/ swimming/ I/ him/ went.

5. arrive/ I/ you/ told/ to/ early.

6. dinner/ to/ them/ come/ tell/ to.

7. study/ all/ you/ of/ need/ to.