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UNIT 8: Everyday Routines

Book 1 – Unit 8




time, shower, breakfast, lunch,
cafeteria, menu, today, home,
dinner, bed, sweet, dreams

get up, take, watch

on the menu, it's time to/for

Everyday Routines



Good morning!: It's time to get up, take a shower, eat breakfast and go to work.
Good afternoon!: It's time for lunch in the cafeteria. What's on the menu today?
Good evening!: It's time to go home, eat dinner and watch T.V.
Good night!: It's time for bed. Sweet dreams... zzzzz

Repeat 3 times

1-Answer the questions below:



1. What time do you get up?

2. When do you take a shower?

3. What do you eat for breakfast?

4. How do you go to work?

5. Where do you eat lunch?

6. What do you eat for lunch?

7. When do you go home?

8. What time do you eat dinner?

9. What's your favorite T.V. program?

10. What time do you go to bed?

2-Fill in the blanks spaces below

Good morning.  time to   .
I take a   , eat   .
I go to   .
Good   , it's   lunch   the   .
What's on   ?
evening, it's   dinner. It's time   go   .
Good night! It's time   . Sweet   .

3-Make the questions for these answers:

1.  ?
I get up at 6 o'clock.

2.    ?
I eat breakfast at 7 o'clock.

3.    ?
I take a shower at 6.30.

4.    ?
I go to work at 7. 30.

5.    ?
I eat lunch in the cafeteria.

6.    ?
Rice and beans.

7.    ?
My favorite program is Fantastico.

8.    ?
I go to bed when I'm tired.

4-Unscramble these phrases.

1. 6/o'clock/up/I/get/at

2. breakfast/eats/he/7/at

3. at/takes/shower/a/she/7

4. don't/I/eat/breakfast

5. the/at/lunch/eats/he/restaurant

6. home/goes/she/5.30/at

7. time/you/do/to/bed/go/what?