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UNIT 7: Food / Likes and Dislikes

Book 1 – Unit 7





like, dislike, prefer, don't like

rice, beans, potato, tomato, favorite,
barbecue, restaurant, cheese

Food/likes and dislikes



Elephant: Hi, parrot, what's up?
Parrot: I'm hungry.
Elephant: Well, what do you like to eat? (Fita)
Parrot: I like rice and beans.
Elephant: I don't like rice and beans, I prefer potatoes and tomatoes.
Parrot: My favorite food is Cheese Pizza.
Elephant: My favorite foods are Pasta and Barbecue.
Parrot: Let's go to Michelluccio.
Elephant: O .K. Let's go!

Repeat the dialogue 3 times


1-Fill in the blanks:

A: What's your ?
B: It's 

A: What does Paulo prefer? 

B:  prefers  and  .

A: Where  you  to eat?

B: (name of restaurant)  .

2-Answer these questions

1. Where is your favorite restaurant?

2. When do you eat barbecue?

3. What's your favorite food?

4. What's your favorite pizza?

5. Do you like pasta with potato and tomato?

6. Who do you eat with in your favorite restaurant?

3-What are the questions for these answers?

1.  ? My favorite pizza is cheese and tomato. 2.  ? No, I don't like rice and beans. 3.  ? I prefer Pasta. 4.  ? I eat at Michelluccio's. 5.  ? We eat rice and beans in Brazil. 6.  ? They eat pizza every day. 7.  ? His favorite food is pasta 8.  ? A. I prefer four cheese pizza

4-Unscramble these sentences:

1. is/favorite/pizza/my/food

2. food/isn't/favorite/my/pizza

3. I'm/hungry/when/pizza/I/eat

4. are/his/potato/and/tomato/foods/favorite

5. your/food/favorite/is/what?

6. eats/he/everyday/pizza

7. hungry/I/like/McDonalds/to/go/when/to/I'm

8. do/you/to/go/like/where/hungry/when/you're?

9. don't/I/like/rice/and/beans

10. we/like/pasta/don't