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UNIT 5: Ordering by Internet at the Mall

Book 2 – Unit 5



Graduation Ball, specific, site,
discount, fashion, expensive,
credit card, shopping card,
before / during / after

check, apply

sounds good!, In fashion

Before ---------- during -------------- after
7am --------10/11/12/1/2/3/etc/ ------ 7pm

Ex: Before breakfast I take a shower.
During the day I drink many cups of coffee.
After dinner I like to watch TV.


Ordering by Internet at the Mall


Sales Assistant: Can I help you?
Customer: I need something for my graduation ball.
Sales Assistant: Anything specific?
Customer: Something in fashion, but not so expensive.
Sales Assistant: Let's check the site. If you order before Saturday, you get 20% discount.
Customer: Wow, that sounds good!
Sales Assistant: If you order after Saturday you don't get the discount.
Customer: Well, I don't have any money now. Can I order and pay next week?
Sales Assistant: Do you have a credit card?
Customer: No, I don't.
Sales Assistant: During the week you can apply for our shopping card.
Customer: Ok. Thanks.
Sales Assistant: You're welcome.

Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. The customer wants something in fashion and expensive.

2. The customer is a student.

3. The customer doesn't have a credit card.

4. The sales assistant recommends getting a shopping card.  

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. What does the customer want?

2. Does the customer have money for the clothes?

3. Does the customer buy anything? Why/Why not?

4. What can the customer get if he/she orders before Saturday?

5. What can the customer do during the week?

Ex. 3 - Talk to your partner.

1. What do you do everyday before breakfast?

2. Something you do during the day.

3. Something you do after class.

Ex. 4 - Talk some more.

1. Something you did before the class?

2. Something you did during last weekend?

3. Something you did after breakfast today?


We use some in positive statements/answers:
I have some money.
We also use some for questions (expect a positive answer):
Do you have some money?

We use any for negative statements:
I don't have any money.
We also use any for questions (expect a negative answer or don't know):
Do you have any money?

Ex. 5 - Fill in the gaps. (some/any)

1. Do you have  books?
2. I don't have    books.
3. Would you like    water?
4. No thanks, I don't want   water .
5. I have    friends who live in Rio.
6. I don't have    relatives in Chile.
7. Do you have    children?
8. No, I don't have    .
9. Yes, I have    .
10. Did you make    friends at the party last night?


Point to ponder:
Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds...Albert Einstein