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UNIT 2: Amazon Journey

Book 2 – Unit 2



adventure, boat, upriver, guide,
chief, tribe, trip, equipment, mosquitoes,
exciting, experience, snake,
monkeys, alligator, anaconda

roll, win, start


Amazon Journey


Mr. Jones's Diary
My adventure started when I met my guide Roany, a chief of the Xingu tribe, and we made plans for the trip. I needed a lot of equipment, so we bought everything in the store. Early the next day, we took the boat from Manaus upriver. On the first night we slept badly, because of all the mosquitoes.
Next morning, we got up and ate breakfast. During breakfast, some monkeys tried to take our bananas. They liked them a lot. Later that day, we had an exciting experience. We watched an anaconda fight with an alligator.
Roany lived there all his life and he said he never saw an anaconda fight with an alligator before. They continued for half an hour and passed near our boat many times. The alligator opened his mouth and took the snake's head. The snake was hurt but fought back and wrapped itself around the alligator. They rolled around and around in the water, until they became totally tired and finally the snake swam away. I guess he didn't want to fight any more. Maybe he could find food easier in another place. Alligators don't usually win against snakes.


Ex. 1 - Answer the questions:

1. Where were they talking about?

2. How was  the trip?

3. What was there?

4. What else was there?

5. When was the trip?

6. Who won the Draw

7. Why was the trip free?

Present Past   Present Past
Eat ate      
Try tried   Live Lived
Continue continued   Pass passed
Open opened   Take took
He/she/it is He/she/it was   Sleep slept
Like Liked   Buy Bought
Start Started      
Get up Got up   Have Had
Take Took   Meet Met
Make Made   Need Needed
Watch Watched   Fight Fought
Wrap Wrapped   Roll Rolled
Become Became   Swim Swam
Don't Didn't   Can Could

Ex. 2 - Fill in the correct form of the verbs:

1. They   their trip from Manaus. (start)
2. Where   you last summer? (to be)
3. I  in The Amazon last summer (to be)
4. The trip  exciting. (to be)
5. We by boat upriver. (go)
6. Brazil  the World Cup five times. (win)
7. the trip expensive? No, it free. (to be)

8.  you on an adventure last summer? (to be)

9. No, I , I  sick  last summer (to be)

10.  any elephants in The Amazon? (to be)

11. No, there  any elephants. (to be)


Ex. 3 - Make the questions for these answers:


1.   ?
No, the trip wasn't last winter, it was last summer.

2.  ?
No, the trip wasn't on The Nile.

3.  ?
No, there weren't any elephants in the Amazon.

4.  ?
Yes, the trip was exciting

5.  ?

No, the trip wasn't expensive.

6.  ?

No, he wasn't on the Titanic.


Ex. 4 - Unscramble these sentences:


1. last / Lance / was / river / Amazon / the / on / summer

2. Manaus / trip / started / he / his / at

3. saw / animal / many / there / he

4. expensive / the / wasn't / trip

5. went / to / Manaus / he / first

6. it / was / exciting / an / experience?