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UNIT 19: Airport

Book 2 – Unit 19


check-in desk, escalator, company,
passport, reservation, ticket, one way,
round trip, aisle seat, hand baggage,
conveyor belt, allowance, extra, flight,
meal, boarding gate, pass,
label, dietary

board, check

Can I remind you...?
Would you like to request?


Paula: Excuse me officer, can you tell me where the check-in desk for Varig is?
Officer: Go up the escalator to the next floor, and go straight ahead. It's the third company, on the left.
Clerk: Good morning, may I help you?
Paula: Yes, I'd like to check in, please.
Clerk: Do you have a reservation?
Paula: Yes, I do.
Clerk: May I see your ticket and passport, please? Is it one way or a round trip?
Paula: It's a round trip.
Clerk: Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
Paula: Window, please.
Clerk: Any hand baggage? That's OK. Put your baggage on the conveyor belt, please. Your allowance is 20 kilos. Anything over, you pay extra. Can I remind you that all flights are non-smoking?
Paula: Of course.
Clerk: Would you like to request a special meal?
Paula: I'd like a vegetarian salad, please.
Clerk: OK. That's row N, window seat 12 and a vegetarian meal. Boarding is at Gate number B24 at 10 am. Here's your ticket and your boarding pass, have a nice trip.
Paula: Thanks very much.


Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. Paula is flying TAM Airlines.

2. It's a one-way trip.

3. The clerk asks her if she would like smoking or non-smoking.

4. Paula doesn't request a special meal.

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. Is the Varig check-in on the ground floor?

2. What seat does Paula get?

3. What meal does Paula request?

4. Where will Paula fly to?

5. When does her flight leave?

Ex. 3 - Roleplay. Complete the answers and practice with your partner.

Can I help you?


Is it a round trip or one way?


Would you like a  or an  seat?



Your flight is boarding at Gate #  at  pm. Have a good trip!

Ex. 4 - Complete these sentences with an article ("a", "an" or "the") and the words below.

reservation, on board, in-flight movie, flight attendent, orange juice, newspaper, restroom (toilet), duty free, seat belt


Example: 1. Watch an in-flight movie.

2. Call 

3. Read 

4. Buy 

5. Fasten 

6. Get 

7. Make 

8. Drink 

9. Go 

Ex. 5 - Unscramble.

1. every/ people/ many/ year/ go/ disneyworld/ to.

2. leave/ flight/ when/ does/ your?

3. expensive/ Brazil/ flights/ are/ in.

4. like/ you/ flying/ do?

5. have/ bags/ many/ how/ do/ you?

6. trip/ a/ have/ nice!

7. flight/ leaving/ is/ at/ 10pm/ your

8. flight/ leaving/ is/ at/ 10pm/ your?

9. want/ duty/ free/ you/ do/ any?