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UNIT 18: The Internet

Book 2 – Unit 18



Machines, technology, personal PC's,
20 million, internet connection, difficult,
integrated, definitely, change


The Internet

Everybody has a TV, but not everyone has a computer. Did you know that soon your TV and your
video player will be integrated with the computer? Why have 3 machines when only one can do
everything? Technology is always changing. Some estimates say that 150 million PC's world wide have
internet connection. Brazil has 2,5% of internet users in the world. (July 2001). First is
the United States with 166 million users, next is Japan with 47 million users and Brazil is
in 10th place with 12 million users and has the fastest rate of increase of internet users
in the world! How Brazil will change because of the internet is difficult to say, but it
definitely will change.


Questionnaire on the Internet. Answer yes/no.

1. Do you have a computer?

2. Do you use internet?
. Where?  

3. How often do you use it?

4. What do you use it for?

5. Do you have an e-mail address?

6. Do you use Internet for study?

7. Do you listen to/download music?

8. Did you ever shop by internet?

Ex. 1 - Answer these questions:

1. TVs, videos and computers will become one machine?

2. 15% of computers have internet connection?

3. The US is third in the world for internet users?

4. Brazil is in 8th place?

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. What electronic equipment has everybody got?

2. When will TVs, videos and computers become one?

3. Which country is number 1 for internet users?

4. Where is Brazil in the rankings?

Ex. 3 - Quantities and Numbers.

1. How many computers are there in your school?

2. How many have internet access?

3. How many bytes do they have?

Ex. 4 - Listen and Repeat.

3; 13; 30; 103; 133; 333; 3,333; 33,333; 333,333; 3,333; 333; 15, 50, 500; 500,000.17; 70; 18,80 80; 19,90

Ex. 5 - Unscramble.

1. economy/ Brazil's/ the/ 8th/ world/ in/ is/ the

2. not/ computers/ many/ under-developed/ world/ in/ the/ there/ are

3. many/ keys/ on/ are/ how/ a/ keyboard?

4. you/ user/ an/ are/ internet?

5. Itu/ many/ people/ how/ in/ live?

6. count/ English?/ you/ can/ in

7. words/ in/ language?/ how/ there/ many/ are/ the English