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UNIT 18: Familiy Tree

Book 1 – Unit 18




wife, husband, daughter, children,
grandchildren, grandfather, grandmother,
uncle, aunt, nephew, niece,
cousin, people, wedding,
anniversary, birthday, party.

inviting, married.

Family Tree



Hi! My name is John and I'm married to Maria. We have a son and a daughter, Joe and Andrea. Joe is married to Tracy and they have two sons. Andrea is married to Paul. and they have two children, two daughters. So we have four grandchildren. There are ten people in our family.
Next week is our wedding anniversary and our son's birthday. We are inviting all our relatives to the party.


1-.Who is John married to?

2- Who are Joe and Andrea's parents?

3- How many children do Andrea and Paul have?

4- Do they (Andrea & Paul) have sons or daughters?

5- When is the wedding anniversary?

6- Where is the party?

7- What is Andrea to Guilherme?

2-Fill in the spaces:

1-Lucia and Bruna are John and Maria's .

2-Joe is Lucia's .

3-Andrea is Guilherme's .

4-Lucia and Bruna are Guilherme and Thomas' .

5-Lucia is Joe and Tracy's .

6-Thomas is Andrea and Paul's .

7-Andrea and Paul are Lucia and Bruna's and .

8-Guilherme is Joe and Tracy's .

9-Bruna is Andrea and Paul's .

3-Unscramble these sentences:

6-uncle/is/Paul/Thomas' .
7-father/is/Paul/Bruna and Lucia's