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UNIT 17: Things that make me Mad

Book 2 – Unit 17


electric guitar, midnight,
extremely mad, boutique

get tired, get sad, get interested,
get motivated, get bored,
get frustrated

bang, in fact




Things that make me mad


Paulo's diary:
October 1st. I get excited when I play my electric guitar. I played last night after midnight but my neighbor didn't like it. In fact he got extremely mad and banged on my wall to stop.

October 3rd. I get tired when I have too much study to do. Today our teacher gave us too much homework.

October 5th. I get bored when my friends don't call and this week I didn't even see them.

Paula's diary:
September 4th. I'm so sad because my boyfriend didn't phone me. I always get sad when he doesn't call.

September 6th. I get interested in shopping when I have money. Today I'll go shopping because there's a sale in my favorite boutique.

September 8th. I really get motivated when I go to English class
because I like it very much.

November 15th. Today was a bad day! I got sick. First I got a pain in my stomach. Later I got a headache and I went to bed. I think I'm getting the flu. I get frustrated when I get sick.


Ex. 1 - Answer these questions:

1. How does Paulo feel when he plays guitar?

2. How does he feel when his friends don't contact him?

3. In English class how does Paula feel?

4. How did she feel on Nov 15th?

5. What happened to Paula on the 15th?

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. How do you feel when you watch a formula 1 race?

2. What happens when you hear a very loud noise?

3. How do you feel when you get stuck in traffic in São Paulo?

4. How does your teacher feel when the students don't listen?

5. How did Bush feel when the terrorists attacked?

6. How did Guga feel when he won the Grand Slam?

7. Do you get mad at people who ride loud motorbikes?

8. Do you get mad when someone keeps you waiting?

9. Does FHC get mad when the newspapers write bad things about him?

10. When do you get mad? (give lots of examples!).

Ex. 3 - Ask your partner how he/she feels when:

For example:
there's a holiday.
How do you feel when there's a holiday?
I feel great.

1. your birthday.  


2. you have to do a test.


3. you need to go to the dentist.


4. you get a headache.


5. you listen to your favorite band.


6. you watch your favorite tv show. [

lesson-inline "How do you feel when you watch your favorite TV show "]  ?

7. your favorite team lose.


Ex. 4 - Complete these phrases

FeelGet Nervous

1. When I got to the dentist I 

2. When I  too early I 

3. After I drink too much beer I 

4. I  when I fall off my bike.

5. When I  a headache I take aspirin.

Ex. 5 - Unscramble.

1. tooth/ I/ get/ nervous/ out/ need/ when/ I/ to/ get/ a

2. sleepy/ boring/ movie/ I/ when/ watch/ I/ a/ get


3. no/ money/ feel/ do/ how/ you/ when/ you/ have?


4. English/ you/ class/ do/ bored/ get/ in?


5. Birthday/ feel/ happy/ when/ it's/ I/ my