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UNIT 17: Sports

Book 1 – Unit 17


practicing, everyday, longer, team,
in shape, relationships, everyone,
person, individual, running,
swimming, discipline, courage,
training, necessary, canyoning,
rafting, sky diving,
accidents, interesting

say, recommend, stay

also, but


Doctors say that practising sports for 30 minutes everyday can help you live longer. Also team sports like football, volleyball, basketball, not only help you stay in shape but teach you about relationships. Pelé is a good example, he's always in good shape and everyone says that he's also a very good person.
Individual sports like running, swimming etc. teach you discipline and courage.
But many hours of training are necessary and it's not for everyone.
Radical sports like canyoning, rafting and sky diving are more interesting for young people but because of accidents sometimes, maybe not what doctors recommend!
Sports are for everybody. Go for it!

1-Answer these questions in the boxes with T (true) or F (false):

1-Doctors say that practising sports for one hour a day can help you live longer.
True or False?

2-Team sports are good for discipline.
True or False?

3-The text says that Ronaldinho is a good example.
True or False?

4-Individual sports teach you about relationships.
True or False?

5-Radical sports never have accidents.
True or False?

2-More questions:

1-What can help you live longer?

2-What team sports are in the text?

3-How can you stay in shape?

4-Who is a good example? Why?

5-Why are individual sports not for everyone?

6-Why, do you think, young people are interested in radical sports?

7-Who are sports for?

3-Complete with say/recommend/stay before you listen:

1-Doctors that practicing sports can help you live longer.
2-Doctor: You're not feeling well. I you take two days off work.
3-Pele in good shape because he's a professional.
4-Can you a good restaurant?
5-People that radical sports are really dangerous.
6-In Rio the best place to is Copacabana.
7-What do you when people ask you: "Do you speak English"?
8-Teacher: I you always do your homework.

4-Write the questions to these answers:

Q 1.  ?
A . I swim every Wednesday night.

Q 2.   ?
A . I go to the club every weekend.

Q 3.   ?
A . I play football with my friends.

Q 4.   ?
A . My favorite sport is golf.

Q 5.   ?
A . I think canyoning is very dangerous.

Q 6.   ?
A . Yes, I like football and basketball.

Q 7.   ?
A . I like volleyball and football.

5-Complete using too or also:


Use also near the beginning of a sentence and use too at the end.
Ex. I also want to go to the game.
I want to go to the game too.

1-Nice to meet you! It's nice to meet you  .
2-I like coke but I    like guaraná.
3-Paulo eats pasta. Pedro eats pasta    .
4-They    like lasagna.