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UNIT 16: Home

Book 1 – Unit 16


condominium, town, bedroom, bathroom,
kitchen, living room, garage, backyard,
swimming pool, garden, neighbors,
friendly, quiet, safe, perfect,
place, around.


not so big, not so small,
in front, at the back.


Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm building a new house in a condominium in town. It's a medium-size house, not so big, not so small. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a kitchen, and a living room. Outside there's a garage in front and a swimming pool in the backyard. There is a beautiful garden around the house with many nice flowers and tropical plants. I'm lucky because my neighbors are friendly and it's a quiet, safe area. A perfect place for a family to live!

Repeat 3 times

1.Answer the questions below:




1.How many bedrooms are there? 

2. Where is the swimming pool?

3. Is the garage behind the house?

4. Describe the garden.

5. How big is his house?

6. Where is he building his house?


7. What's the condominium like?

2-Fill in the blanks using the word below:


swimming, safe, quiet, garden, building, friendly, town.


1. My father is  a house in a condominium.

2. It's a  place, there's no noise.

3. My neighbors are    . They always want to talk.

4. I like    , so my house has a pool.

5. Itu is a    50 kms from Sorocaba and 100 from São Paulo city.

6. Condominiums are    places to live.

7. There is a    around my house.

3-Give the questions for these answers:

Q.  ?
A. No, I live in an apartment.

Q.    ?
A. There are two bedrooms in my house.

Q.    ?
A. Yes, I like living in this town.

Q.    ?
A. He builds houses.