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UNIT 16: Happy Birthday

Book 2 – Unit 16


Birthday, Date, 14th (fourteenth),
20th (twentieth),
live music, those, these,
12th (twelfth)
Social life

going to...

almost as good, thanks for nothin',
oh gosh!, What 's your social life like?




Happy Birthday


Angela: Ricardo, are you going to the party tonight?
Ricardo: What party?
Angela: Juliano's birthday party, of course!
Ricardo: What's the date today?
Angela: It's the 14th.
Ricardo: Oh Gosh, I forgot! I thought his party was on the 20th.
Angela: No Ricardo. It's going to be tonight in the club with live music.
Ricardo: Oh yeah? Who's going to play?
Angela: You know those guys from Itu, Rock Express? They play rock and they all have long hair.
Ricardo: Those guys are good. They won 1st prize in the Rockfest on the 12th.
Angela: Let's go together. I don't have a boyfriend these days and a brother with a car is almost as good...
Ricardo: Well, thanks for nothin'!



Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. The date is the 12th.

2. Juliano's birthday is on the 14th.

3. Midnight Riders are going to play at the party.

4. Angela has a car.

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. When did Ricardo think the party was going to be?

2. What did the band win?

3. How's Angela´s social life?

4. Do you think Ricardo bought Juliano a birthday present? Why/ why not?

Ex. 3 - Write the numbers you hear in the boxes.




04 / 04th
11 / 11th
14 / 14th
18th / 80th
19th / 90th
24th / 24

Ex. 4 - Repeat and write the numbers.