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UNIT 14: What are they doing?

Book 1 – Unit 14




car, football, steak, dog

do, drive, play, cook, walk, teach, read, write

his, her

What are they doing?

1. What's (what is) Bob doing?
He's (he is) driving his car.

2. What's Roberto doing?
He's playing football.

3. What's Célia doing?
She's cooking steak.

4. What's Maria doing?
She's walking her dog

5. What's Marcia doing?
She's teaching a class.

6. What are Anna and Paulo doing?
They're reading and writing.

Repeat 3 Times

1-Answer the following questions:

1. Is Roberto studying?

2. Is Célia writing?

3. Is Maria walking her cat?

4. Is Marcia reading?

5. Are Anna and Paulo sleeping?

6. Are you watching T.V.?

2-Put all the verbs in brackets into the continuous form if necessary.

Hi Mom,
How are you  (do)? I'm   (live) with a nice family and I   (have) classes everyday. I   (speak) English all the time. This week I'm   (walk) to school but next week I'm   (drive) because I'm   (buy) an old car. I'm   (write) this message to everybody.



(job) -- I'm working in a  
(home) -- I'm living in  at the moment.
(study) -- I'm studying at  at the moment
(speak) -- I'm  now.
(listen) -- I'm  to music now.

4-Write the questions for the statements below.

1. I am cooking.

2. You are driving.

3. He is studying.

4. She is reading.

5. It is eating.

6. We are writing.

7. You are listening.

8. They are walking.

5-Unscramble these sentences.

1. you/are/reading?

2. writing/they/are

3. you/car/driving/are/what?

4. book/an/studying/he/is/English


5. is/Veja/reading/she

6. Portuguese/I/teaching/am?

7. at/study/we/English/school.