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UNIT 12: Weather and Seasons

Book 2 – Unit 12


hate, winter, spring, cold, snow,
penguin, eskimo, hot, wind, rains,
warm, dry, cool, fog, fish, polar,
bear, zoo, forecast



Weather condition:To snow... snowy
To rain..... rainy
Wind........ windy
Fog.......... foggy
Cloud....... cloudy
Sun.......... sunny

Weather and Seasons

Penguin: I hate this cold weather. Winter is terrible, it's so cold and it snows every day.
Reporter: But I thought penguins liked cold weather?
Penguin: I'm not an Eskimo! Next Spring I want to visit my cousin Toucan in Rio, where it's always hot!
Reporter: Isn't the temperature there too hot for a penguin?
Penguin: It's hot, but you get the wind from the sea and it rains every afternoon.
Reporter: I prefer a warm and dry place, that's why I live in Australia.
Penguin: For me, hot and wet is best! But I have a friend who lives in London, where it's cool and there's a lot of fog.
Reporter: Really? What does he do?
Penguin: He eats a lot of fish.
Reporter: I see, and why does he do that?
Penguin: Because he's a polar bear in London Zoo!


Ex. 1 - Answer with True or False:

1. The penguin likes cold weather.

2. The reporter lives in Asia.

3. London is hot and dry.

4. The bear lives in the forest.

Ex. 2 - More questions:

1. Why does the penguin hate winter?

2. Next spring where will the penguin go?

3. What's the weather like in Australia?

4. What's the penguin's favorite weather?

5. What does the bear like to eat?

Ex. 3 -What's the weather like?
Link the seasons with the correct temperature.

Fall / Autumn Winter Spring Summer




Ex. 4 - Fill in the weather report below.

e.g. In Sydney the weather is usually hot and dry.


1. In London
2. In Antartica
3. In Manaus
4. In Mexico


Ex. 5 - What's the weather like today?

1. Today it's snowing
It's snowy outside.

2. Now it's raining.
It's a  day.

3. There's a strong wind.
It's a  day.

4. It's impossible to see well.
It's a  day.

5. The sky is grey.
It's a  day.

6. The sky is blue.
It's a  day.

Ex. 6- Weather Forecasts and weather conditions.
Ask and answer questions about the weather in groups.

e.g. What's the weather like today? It's rainy and warm.

A. What's the weather like today in the Sahara desert?

A. What's the weather like today in Alaska?

A. What was the weather like yesterday?

A. What is the forecast for tomorrow?

A. What's your favorite kind of day?

Ex. 7 - Weather Report. Listen and fill in the missing information.


Today Tomorrow
Weather conditions
Highest temperatures
Lowest temperatures



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