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UNIT 11: On a Farm

Book 1 – Unit 11



house, tree, horse, car, truck, duck,
bicycle(bike), man, sheep, ship,
birds, airplane, sun clouds, sea, flowers

on, in, next to, under, behind,
in front of, between.

sitting, relax

there is , there are.

On a Farm

  My friend Bill has a farm next to the sea.
There are many animals . There's a nice
farmhouse with flowers in front of it.
Today there is a plane in the sky and the
sun is behind the clouds.
On the road there is a car, a truck and a
The truck is between the car and the bike.
The bike is behind the truck. There are two
trees on the right and there's a man sitting
under one tree. It's a good place to relax.
I love it!

Repeat 3 times the text above.

1-Answer the questions below:

1. Where is Bill?

2. Where's the truck?


3. Are there animals?

4. Is the sun in front of the clouds?

5. Is the bicycle between the truck and the car?

6.Where are the trees?

7. Where's the man?

2-Answer the questions below:

1. How many books are there on the table?

2. Is there a pencil under the chair?


3. How many tables are there in the room?


4. How many chairs are there in the room?

5. Is there a picture on the wall?


6. Is there a picture next to the window?


7. Are there flowers in the classroom?


8. Is the teacher behind the door?


3-Correct the following sentences according to text:

1. The bike is in front of the truck

2. The horse is under the truck.

3. Bill has a farm in the sea.

4. The truck is inside the car and the bike

5. The sun is front of the clouds.

6. The man is sitting next to the tree.