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UNIT 10: Directions

Book 1 – Unit 10




park, tourist, policewoman, near,
road, there, along, blocks, then, left,
right, corner, until, square, lights, kilometers

get, take, turn, arrive, reach, continue, pass.

How far? How do I get there?

 Tourist: Excuse me. Where is Varvito park?
Policewoman: It's near Açucar road.
Tourist: How do I get there?
Policewoman: Take Floriano Peixoto street and go along for 4 blocks. Then turn left at the corner of Madre Maria Teodora street and go along until you reach Matriz square. Continue along 21st of April street, pass the lights and continue along Graciano Geribello street until you reach Caetano Ruggieri street. Pass the lights and you arrive at Varvito on your right.
Tourist: I go along Floriano st. Then I turn left at Madre Theodora st. How far to Varvito from the corner?
Policewoman: It's 2 kilometers.
Tourist: Thanks a lot, officer!
Policewoman: You're welcome.

Repeat 3 times the dialogue above


1. Where does the tourist want to go?

2. Where are they?

3. How far is Varvito from the corner?

4. What road is Varvito near?

5. Turn left or turn right on Floriano St.?

6. Is Varvito on Graciano Geribello St.?

7. How far is your house from Target?(example)

2-Complete these sentences using the correct verbs from the box.

1. I need a chair to  the light.
2.   the second turn on the left.
3. I   at my office every day at 9 o'clock.
4.   right at the next corner.
5. How do I   to the supermarket.
6.   along for three blocks.
7. You need to   the bank to see my house.

3-Give directions to get to the following places:


1. From the bank to the doctor's clinic

2. From the school to the pizzeria.

3. From the dentist's clinic to the restaurant

4. From the school to the supermarket.

5. From Independence Square to the bank.

6. From Independence Sq. to the school.

7. From the tennis club to the pizzaria.

4-Unscramble these sentences:

1. to/bank/you/along/get/to/go/blocks/three/the.

2. work/to/your/house/how/you/do/get/from?

3. far/to/Rio/here/it/is/how/from/here?

4. the/supermarket/arrive/you/at/pass/bank/the/after/you.

5. the/first/left/take/continue/and/3 kilometers /for.