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UNIT 1: Vacations

Book 2 – Unit 1




vacation, States, exactly,
cool, ride, definitely, exciting

to be, love, go back, planning


Past to beI was
You were
He/she was
It was
We were
You were
They were
Past QuestionsWas I?
Were you?
Was he/she?
Was it?
Were we?
Were you?
Were they?

Fernando: Hi Antonio, how was your vacation?
Antonio: OH, Hi Fernando, it was very good.
Fernando: Where were you ?
Antonio: We were in the States.
Fernando: Really, where exactly?
Antonio: Florida, Disneyworld.
Fernando: Cool. I was there last year and I loved it!
What was your favorite ride ?
Antonio: Definitely the Roller Coaster.
It was really exciting.
Fernando: Do you want to go back?
Antonio: Sure, we´re planning to go again next summer. Do you want to come with my family?
Fernando: Yes, but I need to talk to my parents first.
Antonio: OK. I have to go now.
Fernando: OK. See you tomorrow.

Ex. 1 - Answer the questions:

1. Where was Antonio on Vacation?

2. Where were they exactly?

3. What was Antonio´s favorite ride?

4. When is he planning to go back?

5. Who was he with?

6. When is he planning to go back with his family?

Ex. 2 - What are the questions for these answers?

1. Where  ?
Sueli and Marcos were in Africa.

2. What  their favorite food?
They loved cous-cous.

3. Why  in Africa?
They were on vacation.

4. When  in Africa?
They were there last year.

5. Who  with ?
They were with some friends.

Ex. 3 - Unscramble these sentences:

1. Portugal year last were we in.

2. a vacation we there were for.
2.  .

3. long there were you how?
3. ?

4.month one for there we were.
4.  .

5. prefer we to The States Europe.
5.  .

6. was I in this summer Africa.
6.  .

7. he was in summer Africa last?
7.  ?


I wasn´t
You weren´t
He wasn´t
She wasn´t
It wasn´t
We weren´t
You weren´t
They weren´t

Wasn´t I?
Weren´t you?
Wasn´t he?
Wasn´t she?
Wasn´t it?
Weren´t we?
Weren´t you?
Weren´t they?


Ex. 4 - Have a conversation like this with your partner using real information

St. A: Where were you on vacation last year?
St. B: I was in  .
St. A: How   ?
St. B:  !
St. A: Who   ?
St. B:
St. A: When   ?
St. B:
St. A: Why ?
St. B: ?

Ex. 5 - Roleplay:
Student A and student B talk about a vacation

A: Ask where B went

B: answer with real information

A: Ask how it was

B: respond

A: make a comment and close