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UNIT 4: What´s the problem?




sick, hungry, problem, thirsty,
tired, sad, happy, food, water.

need, sleep




Antônio: Are you sick?
Fábio: No, I'm hungry. I need food.
Antônio: What's the problem? Are you hungry?
Fábio: No, I'm thirsty. I need water.
Antônio :What's the problem? Are you tired?
Fábio: Yes I am.
Antônio: Are you happy?
Fábio: No, I'm unhappy.

Repeat the dialogue 3 times

Question forms:

1-Fill in the blanks with the dialogue of the 3 people:

A: Is he hungry?
B: I don't know.  ?
C: No,  thirsty.
B:  thirsty.
A: He  water

2-Fill in the blanks with the dialogue of the 3 people using the word tired.

A: she
B: I don't know. you

C: Yes, I am.
B: Yes , she is.
A: She  sleep.

3-Make questions to the answers:


Yes, I'm sick.

No, I'm not thirsty.

Yes, he's tired.

? (sad)
No, she's happy

Yes, we're happy.

No, I don't need to sleep.

Yes, I need food.

Yes, she needs food.


4-Unscramble the sentences.

1. tired/I'm/not/no,

2. you/are/sick?

3. she/is/happy?

4. need/you/do/food?

5. need/I/food.

6. we/happy/are.

7. they/are/hungry?

8. I'm/now/thirsty/not

9. the/problem/is/what?

10. they/do/water/need?